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Why "The Sandpit"?? No, it's not from the Alphaville song,
tho that certainly fits well enough. It originated in my ongoing space opera,
as an industrial planet's regional toxic waste dump.
Somehow this still seems wholly appropriate.

Back From the Bitter End  We claim it's poetry. Decide for yourself.

Chiropractors R Us  Once a mockup for a client, now just a mockery.

The Trophy Case -- snips and snails and -- hey! those aren't puppy dog tails!!

A Rose by Any Other Name would still be armed and dangerous!

Register Your Aircraft!  Don't fly another mission without tech support!

Rez's Bizarre and Eclectic Music Collection -- What's that noise??

Rez's Distressingly-Normal Film and TV Collection -- The goggles! they do nothing!!

The Adventures of Og and Gronk -- even cavemen knew good music!

Birthday Fun in the Stone Age -- why candles are made of wax, not cement

Contortion Engineering, or why most people are not architects

Reziac and Fuzdout -- is that a twinkie or a tribble??

Devil's Lake strikes back -- water, water everywhere!

Dihydrogen Monoxide Poisoning -- an extreme case

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