Here's our little garden of savages...


Scarlet Knight

Pink Peace


Mirandy (Everblooming Hybrid Tea)
Blooms are velvety, garnet-red, and richly fragrant. Leathery foliage on upright plant.

Scarlet Knight (Grandiflora)
Double scarlet-crimson flowers on upright bushy plants.

Pink Peace (Hybrid Tea)
Double, dusty-pink flowers are very fragrant and bloom above leathery green foliage.

Tiffany (Everblooming Hybrid Tea)
Very fragrant, pure pink blooms shaded yellow. Long, strong stems. Dark foilage.

Medallion (Hybrid Tea)
Very large, double, light apricot flowers bloom above leathery, dark green foliage.

Blue Moon (Everblooming Hybrid Tea)
Long, pointed buds open into lovely big, double, lilac blooms. Very fragrant. The bush is vigorous and free-blooming.

Jack Frost (Hybrid Tea)
A classic rose with wonderfully fragrant, large, double white flowers on long stems. Blooms spring to frost.

King's Ransom (Hybrid Tea)
Glossy green foliage, clear golden-yellow double flowers, fragrant.

Gold Glow (Hybrid Tea)
Fragrant, double, bright gold blooms over dark green, leathery foliage.

Oldtimer (Hybrid Tea)
Very large, lightly-scented flowers display a high centered form and can reach 8" in diameter.

Red Gold (Floribunda)
Double, gold flowers tipped with red have a mild fragrance. Blooms spring to frost.

Granada (Everblooming Hybrid Tea)
Beautifully shaped blooms in varying shades from scarlet to bright lemon yellow. Spicy fragrance. Leathery foliage.


Red Gold



Blue Moon

Gold Glow

King's Ransom

Jack Frost

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