Rez's Ever-Growing Even Weirder MP3 Collection
(just a playlist -- no downloadable files)
is offline due to the threat of extortion by the RIAA.
We strongly urge that you buy NO new music from any distributor who is an RIAA affiliate.

Buy used albums (which put no fresh money into RIAA coffers)
or buy from fully independent artists and distributors.
Sorry, I don't have any MP3z for you leeches, especially not for ratio jerks. Go find your own.

Oh, you want some legal downloads??! Geez, how embarrassing. Oh well, if you must...
Some of these links may be stale (note that all MP3.Com links are presently dead). Good luck.

CDBaby -- CD production where the artist makes most of the money, not the label.
Magnatune -- independent label promoting indie music under the shareware concept: Try before you buy.

Alphaville -- monthly specials.
Bobby Prince -- DOOM music
Cynic Guru -- MP3s -- more MP3s -- new CD Iceland
    see also as part of Skanky Ranky Doo -- more MP3s
Danmingo/Steve Swindells -- new Danmingo album and MP3s -- Steve's new solo album (7 free songs)
Harvey Danger -- Little by Little full album download!
Jamie Robertson
Janis Ian
Jonathan Coulton -- CDs and MP3s  Thingaweek
Mark Klem -- MP3s are presently homeless, but will be available again someday
Richard Marx
Siobhan -- current CD Welfare State
Skaven -- More MODs

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